2018 : Love Matters Jazz Village/Pias

2016 : Bash! Jazz Village/Pias 

Jowee Omicil, who plays a multitude of wind and brass instruments, is like no other. Originally from Haïti, he was born in Montreal and now lives in Paris. He recorded his first « international » album in the south of France as part of a long-running session during a week when the full moon shows above, alongside a dozen militants of groove. In his total mix music, which speaks to both body and mind and in which melodic storytelling is essential, his Creole roots blend with gospel, soul, hip hop culture and world folklore, while also including nods to his forefathers from Charlie Parker to Ornette Coleman to Wayne Shorter. As for Let’s BasH!, it is at once a battle cry and a declaration of love which conceal a fine profession of faith: « I want jazz to be popular again ».