EP : Still Waiting/Fall In Love (2008)

LP :« Easy Way out » (2012)

Listen to Mariama (2009)

No Way (2013)

Moment like this (2015)

Germany, Sierra-Leone, Guinea, France, Czech Republic, and Norway: Mariama’s origins are a passport full of visa from the whole world. To bring them up is a journey itself.
Now settled in Paris and after her first debut album (The Easy Way Out, 2012) Mariama goes back on a more intimate set in the singer-songwriters tradition who turns upside down soul with a little and triggers off more emotions then an orchestra playing with its whole being. Her guitar and her hands to make the strings vibrate, her lyrics and her voice to make them live: she draws on her own Moments Like These groove’s.
Rather alone, Mariama lets keyboards, percussions from her former work aside and hired Abdoulaye Kouyaté as her only back up. He is Miriam Makeba’s conductor son, an expert of the six string guitar and of the legendary Kora. Without aiming at being each other assert, the duet is moving together to shrewdly execute every detail of this musical lace.
Deliberately pared down, each track is both natural and delicate. None of them has been hidden beyond a battery of effects or an electronic smokescreen that levels down any musical form. There is no go between slipping between Mariama’s emotions and her record. And if sometimes you can feel the imperfection, it is because it is part of the authenticity of this EP where the grace and gentleness of the interpretation suspend time.
Moments that we forget, moments of disillusion, moments of love, moments of melancholy. Moments like these.