ChambreDouble-Gassian 2



Les Egarés – No Format le 30 mars 2023

Les Égarés is much more than an album. It’s a playground, a place for exchanges, a living space inhabited by two pairs of artists who for years now have excelled in the art of combining sounds and transcending genres: Ballaké Sissoko (kora) and Vincent Segal (cello) on the one hand, Vincent Peirani (accordion) and Emile Parisien (saxophone) on the other. With such magicians, 2 + 2 no longer makes 4: it makes 1. For indeed, these four well-established individual artists come together as one, sharing the same spirit, creating a wonderful fluidity of sound, without any form of ego or rivalry, and serving the same common musical cause.Les Égarés is neither jazz nor traditional, neither classical nor avant-garde, but a bit of all of those at once. It establishes an independent poetic terrain in which the ear is the supreme instrument. In which virtuosity is expressed above all through the art of complicity. In which the simple but marvellous desire to listen to one another gives rise to an extraordinary song for four voices.