Ballaké Sissoko & Piers Faccini



Salle du Manège – concert dessiné - Vienne (F)


New album to be released in February 2025 at NO FORMAT!

The exchange between Ballaké Sissoko and Piers Faccini began almost 20 years ago when the two artists met at the same record label: Label Bleu. Immediately, an engaging dialogue emerged between the London folk songwriter – passionate about African music – and the musician from Bamako – inheritor of the great tradition of the kora and Mandingue music.

The most beautiful conversations sometimes unfold slowly. To move beyond stereotypes, time is needed. Contrary to the saying, music is not a universal thing, but rather a matter of languages. It takes time to learn each other’s languages, not just to listen, but to truly understand them.

In 2020, finding themselves once again on the same label, this time Nø Førmat, the exchanges resumed. Ballaké Sissoko invited Piers Faccini to sing “Kadidja,” a song in Bambara, on his album “Djourou.” Then, in quick succession, Piers Faccini composed another song for the duo: “The Fire Inside.”

The two friends then decide to record together an entire album, to be released in early 2025.

New album to be released in February 2025 at NO FORMAT!

Tour, co-produced with ZAMORA starting from March 2025.