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2022 : Bokonzi

2018 : Mutu Wa Ngozi 


Since 2016, Wilfried Luzele, aka Lova Lova, has been evolving within the alternative cultural scene in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) as a musician and performer. His musical style is multiple, mainly rock, sometimes punk and often inspired by traditional Congolese music. He sings in Lingala, Kikongo and French. His texts describe with humor and intensity the urban life of Kinshasa. Sometimes his words leave reality to fly away into phantasmagorical universes and delirious landscapes.

This strange wizard with the red tunic and cyberpunk glasses is a young artist from the Congolese alternative scene who preaches energetically in Lingala, Kikongo and French. Always quick to take off towards phantasmagorical lands, the surprising Wilfried Luzele (alias Lova Lova) holds his metronome on the frenzied pulse of the bubbling Kinshasa. The result is a colorful pile-up of sound, a delirious blend of traditional elements, rock, ragga and afropunk that makes you want to dance.

His visual universe has been highlighted in the exhibitions “Kinshasa 2050: Digital city” (Institut Français de Kinshasa, 2017), “Chroniques de Kinshasa” (Musée des Arts Modeste de Sète, France, 2019) and “Yambi: Our house is your house ”(Acud, Berlin, Germany, 2019), a project for which he obtained the International Co-production Fund from the Goethe-Institut.

Wilfried Luzele has also been co-creator and coordinator of the Double Vision art space in his Bandalungwa neighborhood, since 2016.